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Bed Bug Treatment

Think you have Bed Bugs...


Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that feed on human blood, usually at night. They are reddish-brown with long, oval-shaped bodies that resemble the size and shape of an apple seed.


  • Signs of bed bugs include bed bug cast skins or eggs, fecal spots and small blood stains on your mattress and bedding or waking up with itchy, raised welts.

  • Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers that can enter your home by catching a ride on your bag or clothing.

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  • Bed bugs like to cluster together in bed frames and mattresses so they don’t have to go far to feed, but they will also hide in electric sockets, between couch cushions, and behind wallpaper. 

  • Bed bugs can double their population every 16 days and spread rapidly. They are also capable of living for an extended period of time without food.

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