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Home Protection Plan

Ongoing Pest Protection


A pro-active preventative, low-pesticide pest management service performed seasonally, four (4) times per year. (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter)


If a problem occurs an additional service is performed at no charge upon your request in between normally scheduled services, for covered pests.

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This plan is our most popular because it is so cost efficient, not-intrusive and includes so many different pests. Unlike other companies our plan includes carpenter ants, bees/wasps, mice, as well as many other expected pests!


The initial service is a complete evaluation of your homes needs, the installation of tamper-resistant rodent stations, insect traps, as well as a preventative exterior treatment.


As part of the Spring, Summer and Fall services, we inspect the exterior of your home for seasonal pest activity and provide service as is appropriate. Additionally, we apply a material to help prevent future activity.


The winter service includes maintaining the tamper-resistant rodent stations, replacing insect traps and address any concerns you have.

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