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Moles & Voles

Are moles or voles destroying your Pennsylvania lawn?


Old Glory Pest Control offers the most advanced and effective mole/vole elimination program available. Our complete program starts with a detailed inspection of your property. After the inspection we will customize a plan to fit the level of infestation of your lawn. If left unchecked moles will destroy a healthy Pennsylvania lawn very quickly.


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MOLES – Did you know:

  • Do not hibernate, they eat all year.

  • Weigh 5-6 ounces and are 6″-8″ in length.

  • Need to consume 85% of their body weight daily and will consume 45-50 pounds of earthworms per year.

  • Reproduce 2-6 young in the spring.

  • Dig nearly 18′ of surface tunnels per hour!

  • Can travel 80′ in one minute.

  • Have sub-surface tunnels that can be as much as 5′ beneath the surface.

  • A small mole problem can turn into an infestation in no time.

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VOLES – Did you know:

  • Are small rodents approximately 3 to 5inches long.

  • Their coats can range in color from brown – gray.

  • Create both above-ground and underground passageways in the soil.

  • Feed mostly on vegetation, damaging your lawn, gardens and flowerbeds.

  • Reproduce six to nine times per year, with six to nine young in each litter.

  • Nest under patios, porches and in mulch beds.

A small vole problem can turn into an infestation no time. 

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